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Cosmic Pop rooted in Songwriting

Jaded Jane - The modern human.. Numb.. Void of emotions, separated from nature and isolated. 

But there is a light somewhere... 

A melody, a name on a road sign.. Some lyrics, this is what visited Axel Olsson in a dream, it was to become the opening song entitled 'Jaded Jane' on their debut album 'Diversity' and since then Jaded Jane has continued to release albums exploring various atmospherical and melodious landscapes as well as electronic ingenuity and innovation together with the prominent sound artist Åke Linton.

All of this while still retaining a Pop Singer/Songwriter sensibility. 

Ultimately Jaded Jane is a platform created by the Swedish brothers Axel and Adam Olsson, where they both operate collectively and individually to create music and expression through movement and dance. 


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